There’s an awful lot of people here. I hope you’re here for the right reason. Music, love, tea…
― Eddie Vedder, 3/02/92 (via lifewasted)
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when you accidentally make a baby cry and you don’t know what to do to get it to stop


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As much as music brought you here, I am absolutely sure that a song or music can not change the world. Absolutely positive of this. It can have a slight effect, it gets us through, but it can not change the world. BUT you are! This many people! It is determined, it is positive, it is proven that this many people can change the world! How do we know? Because it is written, it is stitched in the fabric of our flag. It is welded in to our Constitution… that the people have the right to make change! And not only the right, but the responsibility to make change! You can hear this? Is this mic working? In this planet, you know, there’s a time and place for all this, right? This kind of talk? But… this HAS to be the time. It can’t get any worse, we can’t LET it get any worse, THIS has to be the time, and we’re right in the middle of America, and we have the power to change the whole world! Because America’s the superpower, right? You’re Americans. You could change the whole world. So this is the time, and this is… Do you agree with me? Is this the place? Thank you, because I’m saying this stuff just to even remind myself!
Eddie Vedder, Bonnaroo 2008, during “Porch”  (via lifewasted)
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